I would highly recommend this course for whoever wants to improve their stores, sales skills and hit their 6 or 7 digits, I searched everywhere but I didn’t find any course like this one. Luckily I found finally roasrecipe website Thank You

Edward Boyd

This is an amazing course that removed the scab of “this is how we always do it” to introduce some fresh thinking into how to reach the other 97% of people that experienced marketers like me skip over to achieve speed to market. This course is the Best money spent in 2021 so far

Zachary A. Mohammad
I already knew a ton before buying this course… But some of the knowledge I got was from spending thousands of $$$ on coaching programs… This recipe will teach you the basics and even the advanced methods to build a digital sales funnel that actually really works There are plenty of fake gurus out there who push content and give you NOTHING but this recipe is Excellent for both beginners and expertses without giving a single fuck about their customers and fake sales
Donald M. Davis